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Experienced Specialists

Universal Drive Shaft Services Queensland has years of experience and specialises in fitting, replacing, repairing and manufacturing driveshafts. You can trust your vehicle will be in the best of hands with us.

General Maintenance

Whether it's tailshaft balancing or general driveshaft repairs and replacement. We offer a range of services and specialist parts and accessories.

Design & Modification

We can manufacture drive shafts for almost any vehicle. Our measuring guides will help you plan your driveshaft.

Get to know our company

Over 15 years experience, offering high end driveshaft and tailshaft services and products at reasonable prices.

Universal Driveshaft Services Queensland is an Australian owned and operated local family business servicing Brisbane’s northside since 1988.

Driveshaft Design, Manufacture and Modification

We do stock to custom conversion, whatever is required from a lift, motor, transmission or exchange case change. We can manufacture drive shafts for almost any vehicle. Our measuring guides will help you plan your driveshaft

Driveshaft Repairs and Replacement

It’s important to get someone to look at any damage to your driveshaft quickly. If the driveshaft is damaged, it can put pressure on different parts of the vehicle, causing more harm. Your driveshaft might need to be repaired or replaced.

Parts for Purchase

You can buy individual quality parts for purchase. We have a large range including CV Joints, CV Boots, Steel and Chrome Moly components, Universal Joints, Center Bearings and Ubolt Kits

Tailshaft Balancing

If you leave your tailshaft unbalanced for to long it can lead to a tailshaft failure. Under acceleration, an out of balance tailshaft will also cause excessive noise.

What our clients say about our work

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